How to choose the right hosting and domain name for the site

Very few companies correctly identify that is hosting, and most importantly what requirements must be presented to him. The same applies to the acquisition of the domain name for the site – with the term “domain name” problem usually does not occur, but how to properly choose do not know everything. First of all, once again define some concepts hosting and domain:

Hosting – a service of placing your website on the Internet, including the physical location of the site on the server hosting company and its technical support.

Domain name – the symbolic name of the site tied to the Web server where your site is located.

The basic rule of acquisition – hosting and domain name must be registered to your company. At the same time should be a formal agreement. Never buy hosting and domain name on the employee or friend, sooner or later it will lead to problems.

In our practice, there were cases when the dismissed employee wringing a tidy sum for the return of the domain name corporate website, which used to be, with the connivance of leadership, it was purchased in his name. With hosting in such situations easier – you can change it at this site domain name to continue.

A similar situation can be and when you get a domain name and (or) hosting as a gift. Typically, these gifts are not specified anywhere and is not officially belong to you. For example, you order site development and web studio gift to you provides the name for the site (this is usually cheap domains in zones .com, .ru, .net, .biz, etc.) And place your site on their server, hoping thereby to “fix” to his client.

But what happens when you have to develop a new website and order it from another web studio? The same gifts can do and hosting providers, and companies engaged in the promotion of the site. In general, it is advisable to abandon this “cheese” and clearly define the rights to hosting and domain name.

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