To choose and buy hosting

Hosted need to purchase only large and reliable web hosting providers. These companies are only on this and specialize. They provide quality and efficient technical support and continuous backup site. Life example – customer orders and our website provides us with the hosting. We successfully develop, install, and begin to fill the information to engage in its promotion.

Do not take more than two months, when the site does not work. It turns hosting provider, a little-known company for which the sale of hosting the additional income, suffered all sites to another server, without bothering to check their performance. Needless to say that the company’s technical support was provided always busy and absent from work young man. As a result, even a month ordeal and purchase the customer has a “normal” hosting.

This was still hiding another, even more important problem – site “takes off” from the index of search engines, and the company loses its image and potential sales. There was another interesting case, when a small hosting companies generally did not have a person responsible for technical support, and on the mobile phone answered clearly unhappy man, who said that there are already half a year does not work for a long time and asked to remove your phone from their website.

Work with Belarusian hosting providers. This is a formal agreement, the clearing and the ability to communicate not only via email and icq. By the way, the official contract and payment through accounts – it is also an opportunity to remember “who we bought hosting.” Otherwise, when one day ends and hosting your website becomes unavailable, you will not even know who to pay for the extension. And this day happens when you show in the midst of, or potential partners decided to look at your site.

Match the settings that you want to host your site developer. Hosting is different – blue, white, red … But seriously, it is Windows-Unix-hosting and hosting plus a couple of important parameters and dozens of minor. It is better to leave the resolution of this issue in the art.

It is best to pay for the hosting for the year ahead. With this you will get a discount of 10-15% and insure against accidental disconnection of the site, if you forget to pay for hosting the next month.

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